Best iPod Video Carrying Case

So you're looking for a protective, ultra-chic, one of a kind case to carry your video iPod around with you? Look no further than the Boblbee Aniara. I have the black one (actually called Panther), and it is the perfect size for a video iPod. You could fall flat on your face with this thing and the foam lined padded case will protect that iPod. There's some elaticized mesh inside for carrying headphones and adjustable foam insers so you can make it as snug as you want.

For your PSP, you may be looking for the coolest backpack that is big enough for a PSP, the power adapter and afew UMD game discs. Most of your friends will be packing something lame from CompUSA. Travel in style with this unbelievably cool Boblbee Scorpio Backpack. Since it's Valentines, you could get one as a gift for your hot Katana-riding gamer friend.

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Best Sidekick 3 Case

I said it once for iPod, I'll say it again for the Sidekick3... Keep your Sidekick handy AND protected with this ultra-futuristic Boblbee Aniara. I have the black one, and it is the perfect size for a Sidekick3.

It's designed to be attached to the shoulder strap of a backpack, especially any of the Boblbee backpacks, including this amazing Boblbee Scorpio Backpack.


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Best iSight Software

MacBook, iMac fans only. Check out this iSight software - truly an endless source of enjoyment... (courtesy

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