Sync Tom Green Channel to your iPod (Mostly Free)

Tom Green, the comedian who brought us the hilarious, if not highly unusual) Freddy Got Fingered has his own LIVE internet TV channel. If you have QuickTime Pro, you can easily sync Tom's Show to your iPod or PSP with MoviesForMyPod.

Apple Store

1. Purchase QuickTime Pro.
2. Download and install Windows Media Components for Macintosh.
3. Download and install MoviesForMyPod.
4. Bring up one of Tom's shows. From the menu in the bottom right corner of the player, choose "Save as QuickTime Movie".
5. Convert the saved movie into MPEG-4 or iPod format using MoviesForMyPod.
6. The video will be watermarked (but still watchable) unless you also purchase Flip4Mac WMV Player Pro.

NOTE: It looks like the archived shows are already converted to MPEG-4 format. Just go into the archives and click "download show". These files should play on the iPod "as is", use MoviesForMyPod to format it for PSP.

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By : moviesformypod Sync Tom Green Channel to your iPod (Mostly Free)




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