Featured Music: Version 1.01

Heather Nova

An Extraordinary Songwriter

New to me, but perhaps not to you, I discovered Heather Nova on the eve of the MoviesForMyPod/PSP/Phone 1.01 update. She has two music videos on her web site, easily converted for your iPod/PSP/Phone. These two videos are unique due to the fact that they are shot in 2.2:1 "Cinematic" aspect ratio (ultra-widescreen). And, you'll need the newest version of MoviesForMyPod/PSP/Phone to convert them into MPEG-4 for your iPod and/or PSP (I did!). In addition, our new version also can turn these clips into ringtones for your modern cellular phone. How cool is that!

She has a variety of music videos on the iTunes music store, including my favorite "London Rain", which is a cut from her Siren album. Update: I couldn't bear it, I just impulsed and got Siren from the iTunes music store.

Heather NovaHeather Nova on iTunes
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There's also a nice fan-zine web site, with concert photos and more. Personally, I think she looks great with a golden Les Paul strapped to her body.

Live Concert DVD


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Mobile Cellular Phones

Using the default 3GP settings (just click OK when the custom dialog pops up the first time), I got a movie which plays on both these popular US handsets. On a Mac, simply use the Bluetooth 'send file' feature to send the movie over to the device. Away it goes.

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Avoid Sony PSP 2.7 Firmware Upgrade (For Now)

After reviewing the changes to PSP Video capabilities after the Sony PSP 2.7 firmware upgrade, currently my recommendation is to stay with version 2.6. If you've already flashed to version 2.7, then you have limited options for converting videos to PSP.

On the Mac, it would appear that ffmpegX is the survivor for 320x240 MPEG-4 SP encoding. Unfortunately, the audio encoding in ffmpegX is lackluster. Currently, the MPEG-4 SP streams produced by MoviesForMyPod/PSP play on Version 1.5 through 2.6 firmware, respectively. The PSP H.264 streams produced by ffmpegX are not compatible with 2.7 firmware.

On the PC, I haven't had a chance to run Nero yet, but the Sony-designed (PC/Windows only) $19.95 Media Manager software can convert most videos into "AVC" (H.264) format. It does not support MPEG-4 SP encoding at all. I also just discovered today that the Sony Media manager supports decrypting DVD's for converting music videos. This is a very interesting development.

The one (and only) good thing about the version 2.7 firmware upgrade is the support for MPEG-4 AAC audio encapsulated in the same file format used by iTunes. Yes folks, .m4a audio files can now be played on the PSP (which also plays MP3).

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Free Music Video - iPod/PSP

Converted with MoviesForMyPod/PSP/Phone, version 1.01:

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Heather Nova (like Alanis Morissette, Beth Orton, Dido)

LONDON RAIN (Music Video) London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)

If you like listening to female singer songwriters, you will enjoy our Featured Artist, Heather Nova. I have her video "London Rain" on infinite repeat.

Personally, I find her writing to have an emotional intelligence/depth similar to other female artists such as Alanis/PJ Harvey/Liz Phair, but with a more poetic, understated approach. Compare
"Walk this World" (Music Video)Walk This World
with some of Liz Phairs more sexyrotic material and you'll see what I mean.

She also has two new music videos on her www site at - and - they are in QuickTime format, which means, instant iPodding with MoviesForMyPod/PSP/Phone. All you have to do is follow the treasure trail to find the QuickTime movies...

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Smart Phone Version 1.01

Motorola Razr:

Nokia 3650 (Symbian, USA, ATT/Cingular):

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Apple iPod Version 1.01

Do we support video conversion for the Apple iPhone!

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Sony PSP Version 1.01

BREAKING: Camera Add-On to be Supported in upcoming PSP 3.0 Firmware

As noted below, MoviesForMyPod/PSP/Phone does not create files compatible with the Sony PSP 2.7 Firmware. I just flashed (upgraded) a PSP to version 2.8 to test with the latest firmware. Indeed, both standard 4:3 and widescreen encoding 16:9 are now again working in 2.8. Use the 2.6-compatibility mode and place your files into a folder named /VIDEO on your PSP memory stick.

The most important support note regarding this release is: if you want widescreen on your PSP, make sure and keep your 2.6 firmware. If you're still running 1.5, my advice is to find the 2.6 firmware updater (update to 2.6), but DO NOT upgrade to 2.7 (yet). There is vast amounts of PSP/MPEG-4 content on the internet which is not compatible with the 2.7 firmware, including the .MP4 files produced by MoviesForMyPod/PSP/Phone.

iPod? No troubles there. This new version will allow you to fit even more music videos on your iPod than before.

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Support Version 1.01

LATEST VERSION IS 1.02 [Download]

  • Custom Settings button does nothing. To access custom settings, use the popup menu 2x
  • No sound in preview movie window. Does not affect conversion

The current version is 1.01.

The development for this version, unlike previous versions, was hosted primarily on Macintel. If you experience any trouble with the PowerPC version, please contact us.

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Ringtone Converter Mac

1. Convert any song in your iTunes library into a Ringtone.
2. Send it to your phone with the Bluetooth utility (built into Mac OS X).

Probably the biggest news in MoviesForMyPod/PSP/Phone 1.01 is the addition of AAC ringtone conversion. While less popular here in the USA, in Europe, SymbianOS based phones make heavy use of AAC (MPEG-4) audio.

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