Red Hot Chili Peppers: By the Way Video

If you're looking for the Red Hot Chili Peppers "By the Way" video, Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Videos - By the Way iTunes has it and the
Red Hot Chili Peppers "By the Way" DVD Single ( $9) is a good choice as well.

Red Hot Chili Peppers!!! Red+Hot+Chili+Peppers !!! @ iTunes
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Joss Stone Video | You Had Me | Right to Be Wrong | Spoiled | Don't Cha Wanna Ride

The Bonus DVD in the [Special Edition] of Joss Stone - mind body soul ( $24) contains the following, high quality music videos. I picked it up today at Circuit City for $20.99. I have been wanting to check out Joss Stone, but the bonus DVD pushed me over the edge - now I have a full album in ALAC quality plus 4 videos. To buy on iTunes, the entire collection would have been $27.

Videos on the DVD:
1. You Had Me
2. Right to Be Wrong
3. Spoiled
4. Don't Cha Wanna Ride

Since I was converting the DVD for my iPod anyway, I made a tutorial that shows how to do the conversion and then set the type of the movie to Music Video so it appears in the correct category on the Video iPod.

Tools Required for the Tutorial:
1. DVD to Hard Disc transfer program.
2. QT MPEG-2 Playback - Mac OS X - allows QuickTime to read MPEG-2 (.m2v) files.
3. MegaPEG Pro HD Demo (Beta 3.2).
4. MoviesForMyPod/PSP 1.0.

Joss Stone Joss Stone - iTunes
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What is Podcasting?

The word ”podcast” is a concatenation of the words iPod and broadcast. The underlying technology used for podcasts, called RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is capable of containing any type of media including audio, video, graphics, and more.

Podcasting is a way of publishing podcasts to the web, allowing people to subscribe to a podcast and receive new ”episodes” automatically through an RSS feed. Podcasting consists of publishing XML files which contain references to media (called “enclosures”) to a website. Podcast aggregators (often called “podcatchers”), then read these XML files and download all the linked enclosures.

Unlike terrestrial and Internet radio, podcasts are time-shifted, meaning that listeners have control over when and where they hear their favorite programming. And, the episodes are delivered automatically to a subscriber on iTunes so the latest updates are always readily available with no effort required by the listener.

Podcasts offer iTunes users and iPod owners the same freedom and level of control they are familiar with when listening to their own personal music collections.

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Download and Keep Videos from etc.

If this site does not work for you, please contact us.


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Universal iPod/PSP Podcast Movies

I started noticing that most video Podcasters were issuing separate MPEG-4 movies for 5G iPods and PSPs. So, in the new release of our software we have a template which creates one movie which syncs/plays on both devices.

I gave it a thorough test before rolling it out. The first three MPEG-4 videos we issued through the LOBECANDY podcast feed on iTunes - LOBECANDY RECORDS - Podcasts - LOBECANDY RECORDS - Podcasts were created with MoviesForMyPod/PSP - and they automagically download & sync.

I believe the PSP thumbnail files can also be added to a Podcast feed as a secondary enclosure, flagged with "image/jpeg" as the mime type. After all, the PSP has a built-in web browser...

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Convert Music Video DVDs to iPod/PSP

The new MoviesForMyPod/PSP can convert most music video DVD discs into iPod/PSP format.

Required tools:
1. DVD to Hard Disc transfer program.
2. QT MPEG-2 Playback - Mac OS X - allows QuickTime to read MPEG-2 (.m2v) files.
3. MegaPEG Pro HD Demo (Beta 3.2).
4. MoviesForMyPod/PSP 1.0.

1. Transfer the DVD disc image to a folder on your hard drive using something like MTR.
2. Make sure that the QT MPEG-2 Playback - Mac OS X is installed.
 Mariah Carey DVD to iPod/PSP
3. With the QT MPEG-2 component installed, QuickTime can show you the contents of VOB files (DVD MPEG-2 movie files).
4. Find the VOB file containing the Music video you want to load on the iPod/DVD.
5. Use "MegaPEG Pro HD Demo (Beta)" to 'demux' the VOB file. Under File choose MPEG Tools/Demultiplex... and open the VOB file. Choose a destination folder for the demultiplexed .m2v and .aiff files.
6. Verify that QuickTime can play the .m2v file with .aiff audio by playing the .m2v movie in the Finder preview (see note below).
7. Use the .m2v file as the Source movie in MoviesForMyPod/PSP.

TECHNICAL NOTE: The .m2v file and the associated .AIFF audio track must both have the same 'base' file name (For example Music_Video.m2v + Music_Video.AIFF). When the files are named in this way, QuickTime will automagically use the AIFF file as the audio track for the .m2v file. After demux, it will look like this:

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Sony's Video Download Service in Japan...

Chances are that you first heard rumors about Sony’s Portable TV service (P-TV) for the Playstation Portable when the 2.0 firmware was first released. With H.264 support came news of a new service starting in Japan where PSP owners would be able to download video content directly to their Memory Sticks. Today the service is up and running, albeit with a slightly flawed business model. Read on to find out why and see examples of how it works.

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Universal iPod/PSP Movie Samples

Posted some samples generated with MoviesForMyPod/PSP using the universal iPod+PSP conversion template which creates a single movie file which plays/syncs to both the Video iPod and the Sony PSP.


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MoviesForMyPod/PSP 1.0 Release

It's very early Monday morning, and I'm going to call this one a wrap. 1.0 that is.

Today we add PSP video conversion to MoviesForMyPod, a post-fix moniker, and a bunch of other enhancements to this, our popular free utility for Macintosh fans.

I found and fixed one last minute bug after Midnight, so if you downloaded the software between 9pm (Sun) and 4am (Mon) PST, you probably have the version with the bug. The executable file should be dated April 17, 2006. If not, download again.

For a final test, I converted this clip using the iPod+PSP Template, and then sync'd it to a 5G Video iPod and a Sony PSP v2 firmware. It played on both perfectly. Good luck with your own videos...

SPL Girls on

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iPod Video Converter

We have released our free iPod Video Converter which features PSP output and support for Quad-Core G5!

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PSP Video Converter Mac

We have released MoviesForMyPod/PSP - PSP movie and video converter for Macintosh.

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