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Heather Nova

An Extraordinary Songwriter


New to me, but perhaps not to you, I discovered Heather Nova on the eve of the MoviesForMyPod/PSP/Phone 1.01 update. She has two music videos on her web site, easily converted for your iPod/PSP/Phone. These two videos are unique due to the fact that they are shot in 2.2:1 "Cinematic" aspect ratio (ultra-widescreen). And, you'll need the newest version of MoviesForMyPod/PSP/Phone to convert them into MPEG-4 for your iPod and/or PSP (I did!). In addition, our new version also can turn these clips into ringtones for your modern cellular phone. How cool is that!

She has a variety of music videos on the iTunes music store, including my favorite "London Rain", which is a cut from her Siren album. Update: I couldn't bear it, I just impulsed and got Siren from the iTunes music store.

Heather NovaHeather Nova on iTunes
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There's also a nice fan-zine web site, with concert photos and more. Personally, I think she looks great with a golden Les Paul strapped to her body.

Live Concert DVD


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