Universal iPod/PSP Podcast Movies

I started noticing that most video Podcasters were issuing separate MPEG-4 movies for 5G iPods and PSPs. So, in the new release of our software we have a template which creates one movie which syncs/plays on both devices.

I gave it a thorough test before rolling it out. The first three MPEG-4 videos we issued through the LOBECANDY podcast feed on iTunes druk@lobecandy.com - LOBECANDY RECORDS - Podcasts - LOBECANDY RECORDS - Podcasts were created with MoviesForMyPod/PSP - and they automagically download & sync.

I believe the PSP thumbnail files can also be added to a Podcast feed as a secondary enclosure, flagged with "image/jpeg" as the mime type. After all, the PSP has a built-in web browser...

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By : moviesformypod Universal iPod/PSP Podcast Movies




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