Convert Music Video DVDs to iPod/PSP

The new MoviesForMyPod/PSP can convert most music video DVD discs into iPod/PSP format.

Required tools:
1. DVD to Hard Disc transfer program.
2. QT MPEG-2 Playback - Mac OS X - allows QuickTime to read MPEG-2 (.m2v) files.
3. MegaPEG Pro HD Demo (Beta 3.2).
4. MoviesForMyPod/PSP 1.0.

1. Transfer the DVD disc image to a folder on your hard drive using something like MTR.
2. Make sure that the QT MPEG-2 Playback - Mac OS X is installed.
 Mariah Carey DVD to iPod/PSP
3. With the QT MPEG-2 component installed, QuickTime can show you the contents of VOB files (DVD MPEG-2 movie files).
4. Find the VOB file containing the Music video you want to load on the iPod/DVD.
5. Use "MegaPEG Pro HD Demo (Beta)" to 'demux' the VOB file. Under File choose MPEG Tools/Demultiplex... and open the VOB file. Choose a destination folder for the demultiplexed .m2v and .aiff files.
6. Verify that QuickTime can play the .m2v file with .aiff audio by playing the .m2v movie in the Finder preview (see note below).
7. Use the .m2v file as the Source movie in MoviesForMyPod/PSP.

TECHNICAL NOTE: The .m2v file and the associated .AIFF audio track must both have the same 'base' file name (For example Music_Video.m2v + Music_Video.AIFF). When the files are named in this way, QuickTime will automagically use the AIFF file as the audio track for the .m2v file. After demux, it will look like this:

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By : moviesformypod Convert Music Video DVDs to iPod/PSP




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