RiHanna: SOS Video

This version of the RiHanna SOS video is ot only a music video, but also a hip-hop dance lesson. Very cool. Unfortunately, not for your iPod. If you want it for your iPod, and you have a Mac, you can use the utility "SnapZ Pro" to grab anything on your screen, including this Flash video.
As far as the audio goes, WireTap should be able to take care of that. If you try it and have a report, post a comment...

Also, if you are looking for the official video, it is not yet released, but you can pre-order the SOS CD-Single [enhanced] including video. Unless this is an oddball disc, the video will be in QuickTime format and can be easily converted for your Video iPod using MoviesForMyPod (UPDATE: I just ordered this disc as it is available through some of Amazon.com's partners - will keep you informed).

Also, on the lookout for RiHanna, try these internet searches:

rihanna site:video.google.com

rihanna site:youtube.com

BitTorrent users:
rihanna site:mininova.com

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