RiHanna SOS Ringtone

Convert RiHanna's SOS to an AAC ringtone, for free (requires Macintosh computer):

1. Download MoviesForMyPod/PSP/Phone.
2. Head on over to Rogue Amoeba and download the free version of Audio Hijack.
3. Familiarize yourself with Audio Hijack. It's very easy to use. Basically, it will capture any audio from Safari etc. to an AIFF (audio) file on your desktop.
4. Capture a Safari session and head over to imf.com.
5. Use Audio Hijack to capture the sound from RiHanna SOS video and save it as an AIFF on your desktop.
6. Open the AIFF file with MoviesForMyPod/PSP/Phone and choose "Phone Audio: AAC Ringtone Small File".
7. Convert the File to RiHannaSOS.aac. Use the Bluetooth utility to "Send File..." and send the RiHannaSOS.aac to your Bluetooth phone.
8. Receive the RiHannaSOS.aac. Depending on what phone model you have, it may ask you if you want to apply the file as a Ringtone. Otherwise, save the file to your audio location on the phone.
9. Finally, modify your phone "Profile". Once the RiHannaSOS.aac is saved in the audio folder on your phone, you should be able to select it as a ringtone.

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By : moviesformypod RiHanna SOS Ringtone

Anonymous Anonymous said...

why wont it wont let me bluetooth it after i convert it

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything seems to work, but I also cant send the file to my phone by bluetooth. It simply states the transfer failed and the file cannot be sent.

Any suggestions?



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