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We've posted a tutorial on converting Kelly Clarkson's Because of You Video from the enhanced CD single available on Amazon.com ($4.99).

Since U Been Gone (Video/iTunes/$1.99) Since U Been Gone

The videos have been pulled from youtube (see below). You can easily get two Kelly Clarkson videos for your Video iPod by getting Kelly Clarkson: Since U Been Gone [Enhanced] CD Single (includes video) and Kelly Clarkson: Because of You Pt.2 [Enhanced] CD Single (includes video). Open the disc, find the QuickTime or MPEG movie, and drop it into MoviesForMyPod. Contact us if you have any problems.

I never saw the original American Idol, but after reading the biography for Kelly Clarkson on iTunes Kelly Clarkson, I wish I had.

Here's her new video courtesy of utube:
UPDATE: Looks like the video has been pulled from youtube. Not to worry, youtube usually features a lot of duplicated content which you can sift through with this kelly clarkson search

American Idol is interesting because it is a type of meritocracy.

Kelly Clarkson Kelly Clarkson home on iTunes
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